Patey Prize

This is awarded to the best Patey Prize Paper awarded at the SARS Annual Meeting.

2014 – Robinson College, University of Cambridge


JM Ali, MC Negus, EM Bolton, K Saeb Parsy, JA Bradley, GJ Pettigrew. Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge.

2013 – Royal Society of Medicine, London

Availability of T Cell help determines alloantibody levels and graft outcome in a murine model of antibody-mediated rejection.

M Chhabra, CJ Callaghan, S Rehakova, MC Negus, EM Bolton, JA Bradley, GJ Pettigrew. Department of Surgery, University of Cambridge.

2012 – University of Nottingham

Regulatory B Cells induce long-term allograft survival in a mouse model of chronic rejection

M Mallik, CJ Callaghan, M Negus, JA Bradley, GJ Pettigrew, University Department of Surgery, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, Cambridge.

2011 – RCSI Dublin

The contribution of the RNA-binding protein RNPC1 to P21-mediated cell cycle arrest and radiation sensitivity in oesophageal cancer

Gijsbert Jan Hötte (1,2), Stephen G. Maher (1), John V. Reynolds (1), (1)Department of Surgery, Institute of Molecular Medicine, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, Trinity College Dublin and (2) Department of Surgery, Erasmus Medical Centre, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2010 – London

Heme arginate ameliorates hepatic ischaemia reperfusion injury through modification of macrophage

Stephen McNally, MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh.

2009 – Bristol

How Does the Gut know it is Lunch Time? The Role of the Proximal Intestine in Regulating Enteric Nutrient Uptake

Adam T. Stearns, Dept of Surgery, Brigham & Women’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School, Boston, United States & Eastern Deanery Higher Surgical Training Rotation.

2008 – Birmingham

Proteomic Analysis Of The Proto-Oncogene C-MYC Unfolds A Mechanism Of Receptor Cross-Talk That Drives Tumour Recurrence.

Ms Dearbhaile Collins, Department of Surgical Research, RCSI & Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

2007 – Cambridge

Adenovirus-mediated vegf gene therapy enhances venous thrombus recanalisation and resolution.

Bijan Modarai, Academic Surgery, St Thomas’ Campus, King’s College, London, UK

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